Creating a Business Logo, 5 things you need to know.

Are you creating your business logo or working with a designer to create your logo ? Well good luck with that, I almost went crazy trying to find make perfect logo. If you have never done it before it may be difficult to gather all your ideas and influences to create that one perfect piece. But luckily for you, YES you! (aggressive pointing) you have me and my many business disasters to  learn from. LOL. I have tried just about every business … when I say every!! I mean EVEEHHREEEE …. Success or fail I always create a logo which is something I have consistently improved on.

Things I look at are:


Who are you creating the logo for?.

I always try to think of who my business customer base will be.  Will it be other women? Will it be teenagers, is it a male dominated customer base. When you identify your people then you need to demarcate their , habits, do they go shopping ? if so where would they go. Do they do certain hobbies e.g. horse-riding basically build a whole person. This is called an “Ideal Customer”


What colours best represent you and your business

When you know your ideal customer then you can decide what colours your potential client would respond to? If you are looking at teenagers as clients then something bright and funky would work. If it women from about 18 to 45 then soft feminine pallets etc.


Do you want images, words, images and words

Words alone

Words and Images



I personally go with words and images. Any of the 3 options are quite ok but when you have just a picture you may run the risk of people not understanding what your business is about if no done well.  An image and words it quite safe as the visual coupled with the words would (In my humble opinion) stick in a person’s mind longer.


Will people be able to understand what my business about without me explaining

You may need to sit down and think about this one. Obviously you can’t put a whole sentence. It is always safer to have as few words as possible that is why it is important to think deeply about what you want to convey. It would help to ask a few friends and family to review your design, ask them what they think they business behind the logo would be, or do provided they fit your targeted demographic.


There are of course so many other things to consider when creating a logo but these for me have been the most important. Everyone has their own method really. I hope my guideline helps. If you would like help designing a logo you can grab and book a slot right here and we can sit down and create a unique professional logo for you.  Happy Creating

xoxo. G

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